The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is charged with enforcing the Bull Valley Zoning Ordinance that implements the Village Comprehensive Plan.  Petitions for Rezoning, Variances and Special Uses all must come before this body.  The ZBA reviews all these petitions for conformance to the Zoning Ordinance, holds public hearings and makes findings and recommendations to the full board on whether or not the petitioner’s request should be granted, modified or denied.

The ZBA also is charged with hearing appeals from the decision of the building inspector, and updating the Zoning Ordinance as needed.  They are currently working on a complete update of the ordinance.

The ZBA meets the first Monday of every month, and as needed for hearings on petitions.  The public is invited to all meetings and hearings and encouraged to share questions and concerns.  Call first to make sure the meeting is on as scheduled.

Zoning Board
Steve Thomas, Chairman

Michelle Krenger

Bjorn Mattson

Peg O'Brien

Nancy Sobol

Thomas Erlenborn

To contact one of the Board Members, please call (815)459-4833