Hello Bull Valley Residents and Friends:

      Road improvements to Bull Valley Road from Valley Hill west to Country Club, and all of Crystal Springs Road, have been approved for federal funding as soon as it comes through.

      We were hopeful that at least one of these two projects would be advanced in the priority listing last May, so we could schedule it for the summer of 2016.  This did not happen.  There will be another opportunity to move up later this year, so we will try again.

      In the meantime we are looking into scheduling other roads for resurfacing, seeking additional ways to finance roadwork and stretch our road dollars.  Trustee Kleinschmidt has developed a 10 year financial plan for roads that utilizes those additional funds.  We have recently worked with Dorr and Nunda Townships under inter-governmental agreements for shared labor and expenses for two small projects.  We are looking into qualifying more of our roads for federal funding, a complex process that has to be approved through MCCOM and then IDOT.  And we are exploring different materials to make pothole patching stronger and longer wearing.

      In order to make the match for the first two projects, we have scaled back to bare bones on all other expenses and are aggressively pursuing other ways to handle some of our other roads, including intergovernmental cooperation with townships and alternative road treatments.  In one subdivision we have had an offer of volunteer labor to help with patching.  The road improvement plan submitted by our engineers Baxter and Woodman, and distributed at the town hall meeting in 2014, makes recommendations for all the roads in our jurisdiction.

      Part of scaling back means not mowing roadsides as often this summer.  Road crews will keep the intersections clear for visibility, but if you wish to mow to the edge of the road when you do your lawn, we will appreciate the help.

      We are also seeking volunteers to help with mowing at the Stickney House lawn, and the Still Farm Dog Park.  We have equipment and fuel available if you are willing and able.  We currently have one volunteer assigned to each location, but ideally will have two or even three more so we don’t wear out any one of you.  We appreciate the spirit of volunteerism in this Village and do not want to abuse it.

      We will keep you posted on the progress of these projects.  Please share this information with your neighbors who may not be on our emailing list.  If you have questions, please call Rich Vance, Village Administrator, at 815-459-4454 or via email at villageofbullvalley@gmail.com.

Road Maintenance Department
Ed Ellinghausen, Trustee

Mike Koch, Supervisor

Ryan Hysell

Larry Brastad

Marc Koch

Mike Jesski

Scott Rambatt

To contact Mr. Koch, please call (815)459-4833