The Village of Bull Valley Clerk is appointed by the Village President with the approval of the Board of Trustees.  The office is currently held by Ms Phyllis Keinz and she is officed in The Stickney House, 1904 Cherry Valley Road, Bull Valley, IL 60098.  The Clerk’s office is open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.nbsp; The office phone number is 815-459-4833.  Send email to Village Clerk.

The Clerk is responsible for the publication of each Village Board Meeting agenda and records the minutes of each Village Board Meeting for publication.  Further, the Clerk is the fount of information regarding the Village government.  The Village Clerk is the keeper of the corporate seal and all books and records of the municipality.  She attends all meetings of the trustees, committees and commissions including executive sessions and is responsible to keep a full record of their proceedings as written minutes.  She serves as the first point of contact for Village residents seeking guidance on local ordinances and regulations.  The Clerk serves as the Freedom of Information Act Officer under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

A building permit is required for an addition to an existing home, construction of an out building, etc.  Permit applications are available from the Village Clerk; the permit form has to be submitted in triplicate using a self copying document. However, the application can be viewed by clicking the button to the right.

Review the
Building Permit Form

The Building Permit Form is for information purpose only.  The required triplicate form is obtained from the Village Clerk.