The natural systems of the Village and its planning area serve, more than any other attribute, to define the character of the countryside.  Residents and visitors alike become enamored with the sweeping valley vistas, the profusion of wildflowers, the certainty of seeing mammals and a multitude of birds, and the heavy woodlands bordering narrow and twisting roads.  A desire to protect the richness of this landscape has been the primary reason behind the long established desire by area residents to maintain significant parcels of open space, as well as low density and low impact land uses.
Public Notice of Proposed Boundary
Agreement by and between
the Village of Bull Valley, IL and the City of Woodstock,IL

Pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/11-12-9, notice is hereby given that at 6:00 p.m.on Monday, May 22, 2017, at the Stickney House, 1904 Cherry Valley Road, Bull Valley, IL, the Village of Bull Valley Board of Trustees will consider approval of an agreement to extend and revise the terms of the existing boundary agreement (dated August 19, 1997, and revised November 20, 2007) between the Village of Bull Valley and the City of Woodstock. A copy of the proposed boundary agreement is on file with the Village Clerk in the Village Hall and is available for review and inspection by the public during regular business hours. If approved, the agreement will renew and extend the existing boundary agreement between the Village of Bull Valley and the City of Woodstock and revise certain boundaries and provisions established in said agreement relating to the annexation, zoning certain subdivision review and the provision of sevices, among other things. The legal description of the subject territory is included in the proposed boundary agreement on review at the Village Hall. Prior to the Board of Trustees' consideration of the above-referrenced proposed boundary agreement, members of the public will have the opportunity to comment before the Board of Trustees regarding same.

Phylllis Keinz
Village Clerk
Village of Bull Valley

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Roads Projects Update
I am pleased to announce final approval of funding for our next two road projects.

In late summer or early fall, we will be able to resurface the west half of Bull Valley Road from Country Club to Valley Hill Road, connecting to the previously resurfaced east half of Bull Valley Road. We will also resurface the entire length of Crystal Springs Road from Country Club to Crystal Lake Road.

These projects are joint projects with the townships of Nunda and Dorr. As always, we appreciate the collaboration of the townships and will continue to work to coordinate other road improvements with them. Thank you for your continued patience.

Emily Berendt, President

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